Altitude: 2 m s.l.m.
Surface: 13,30 km²
Inhabitants: ca. 3.578 - Longonesi, Portoazzurrini, Vaporini
Fractions: Reale, Barbarossa, Pian di Mola, Monserrato, Puntecchio, Burraccio (SC Cava dell'Eurit), Sassi Turchini


Originally, theplacewas calledLongone. The name wasderived fromthe considerable"length" of the bay.

1603datedtheconstruction of the fortressBenevento(nowForteSanGiacomo),builttogether with thegarrison ofForteFocardoon a ledgeon the oppositeside of the bay. In 1906PortoLongonelostCapoliveri, whichbecame an independentmunicipality.InIn 1947the placegotits present namePorto Azzurro.

Northeast ofPorto Azzurro, justabout one kilometeras the crow fliesfrom each other, are theformerminesofTerraNeraandCapobianco. The mine of Terra Nera where pyrite, hematite and magnetite was extracted, has after completion of excavations turned into a freshwater pond is separated only by a narrow strip of land from the sea. In the mine of Capobianco which got its name from the color of rocks, was mainly mined limonite.


TheFort SanGiacomodiLongone (also calledForteLongoneorForteBeneventano) originatedintheperiod of Spanish rule.Thestar-shapedsystemgoes back to thetimeof the Spanish KingPhilip IIIand securedthe Gulf ofMola. Today it servesas a prisonandisnot publicly available.


The Sanctuary of Madonna di Monserrato was build by the Spanish governor in 1606. The namewas taken over bythe Spanishplace of pilgrimageMontserrat. Therefore, analtarpiecefrom the 17th centuryrepresentstheMadonnaveneratedthere.  Thestyleshowsinfluencesof the SpanishBaroque.

Thanks totheTuscan Archipelago National Parkarethe waters offPorto Azzurroprotected, which is whythere are manyspecies-richdive sites.InPorto Azzurrothere are severaldiving centers and divingschools.


Lo stemma del comune di Porto Azzurro.

Vista sul porto di Porto Azzurro

Scorcio di Porto Azzurro.

Il porto di Porto Azzurro.

Forte San Giacomo a Porto Azzurro

Il laghetto di terra nera a Porto Azzurro



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