Altitude: 10 m s.l.m.
Surface: 19,9 km²
Inhabitants: ca. 2.237 - Piaggesi
Fractions: Cavo, Ortano


Rio Marinais situatedon the east coastof theisland of Elba. Neighbouring localitiesareCavo8kilometers of roadin the northofthe northern tipof the island, Ortano in the south about 4.5 kilometers on the coast and Rio nell'Elba 3.5 kilometers of road in the western inland. The towncovers the endof themostly drylyingvalleyof the brook, which winds its wayfromRio nell'Elbadown. In the north the the mountain massif is marked by the former iron mines, in the south rises the Monte Fico, in the 268 m height above sea level offers experienced hikers an excellent panoramic view of the eastern side of the island of Elba and the sea to the island of Monte Cristo.


The occurrence and the mining of iron have always coined over the centuries until the recent time the events on the island of Elba and in Rio Nell'Elba and Rio MarinaAlreadythe Etruscansused thelargestiron ore depositsin the area.In the fieldofIlPianoSanFrancescothere isan importantcommon graveofrockfrom the Copper Age.However, frequentpirateinvasionsforced theinhabitants, notto build their houseson the coast, butinthe mountains. Theonly survivingstructureson the beachof this period areofthe coastguardingtower, theOratorio di San Roccoand someservicebuildings.


More recently, theore miningfell sharply, so thatin 1981thelast minehad to be closed.1982lastiron orecargowas shipped toPiombinofor further processing.Today you can visitwith amunicipal licensevariousmining areas.Theplacehas now beenrestructuredinto a touristdestination on the island of Elba.


The Mineral Park of Elba Island you can define a park in the park (the National one of the Tuscan Archipelago) created to preserve and enhance what remains of nearly three
thousands of years of culture marked by the iron and the work of man.

Lo stemma del comune di Rio Marina

Rio Marina

Rio Marina

Rio Marina

Rio Marina

Cavo Capo Castello



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The airline Silver Air flies all year round from the destinations of Pisa, Florence, Milan Linate and Lugano (during the summer time) to Marina di campo (Elba) offering great connections from the main European airports.

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